The Breakfast Club

There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.

I belong to a country where every DAY belongs to a God, and thus each day calls for a religious charity. Food, clothes, celebration, etc. But yeah…now, this scenario is concentrated only to the major charity festivals, like Makar Sakranti, Pongal, the days of Shrad, Gyaaras, the week day of your deity, success celebration and many more.

Sorry, this article is not about the Indian culture. But yes about the culture and traditions of charity followed by every individual around the world. We have descended in the society where charity is no longer for the people, we have devised new meanings to it.

Well, keeping the meanings aside. We are incapable of working for charity on a daily basis. You see we cannot make ourselves happy everyday. And the other thing about charity in this world is the worry that our happily shed money might just be another bottle of booze for the lucky street guy.images.jpg

Talking with the statistics, 62% of the charity money provided to a religious infrastructure ends up in the political bullshit, 8% of the pennies thrown in the can exchanged to loose the misery for the night, 1.6% of the beggars are nothing but amazing actors, 88% of the needy are NOT asking for money.

So, its quite clear………come on all these years, in the illusion of our great act of charity.

Whoa….don’t be sad…. lets start our new trend of charity………The breakfast club.unnamed.jpg

The club for people, whoever joins it. The club where on one of your bright mornings you get out in the streets play a guitar, sing, crack jokes, PERFORM ! and with the pennies you collect to buy a breakfast and smile to share with the one who needs it more than you.

Roll your act in your camera and tag your new YouTube video, Instagram pic, Facebook status with #TheBreakfastClubCURIO till its viral on the other end of the globe. Challenge your neighborhood, friends, colleagues. Because who knows, maybe that one bite of kindness eliminates hunger one day? And what about Poverty? Β Well who knows…..Β 

Its your chance to practice school performance out in the park in front of many eyes.2c6b238bbc7b876bf808c0be9873af3b.jpg Your first theater act, the song you wrote last night, Β the jokes that are limited to your friend zone, the new project idea you are going to present at your workplace, your artworks, anything. Its a chance for you to do something different, that might be the buzz talk for the next few weeks.

No matter how old you are, no matter where you work, how you look, where you live, if it can make yourself earn some penny, some food, some experience, some smile, some satisfaction, some fame, some greatness………then its worth the shot.

And yes its for the charity.


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  1. archecotech says:

    Enjoyed reading the post, interesting premise. We must be careful why we commit acts of charity. Do we want to be seen? The most cherished acts are unseen and never rewarded. But I will tell you I see people here do these types of things all the time. It’s very precious.

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    1. curiohb says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ What you quote is true in every way. Its just that in 21st century, we kind of need an excuse to do anything. Being seen is not quite the agenda. The place where I am from, charity is a mean to acquire religious purity. It has been quite irritating to me that food, clothes and money are overflown on the heads of the needy on a religious day, most of it goes waste and then the next day that needy is free to die ( because of starvation or cold). So I realised that if majority of the humans need an excuse everyday to commit acts of charity, why not give them one. Instead of criticizing a human trait, why not utilise it. I know there are people around the world who do these types of things all time. And this ain’t a unique idea. But well we need to remind them again and again in different ways. I started the blog with the same hope that people would present their ideas and the ideas that stroll around them. Even with a thing called internet we kind of live in oblivion in some way or another πŸ™‚

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    1. curiohb says:

      Thanx ma’am, but an idea is only worth the love if its implemented. πŸ™‚

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      1. lorigreer says:

        You nailed it. I will do this!

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        1. curiohb says:

          Then do send me the video and pictures…. I’d love to make it my next publish….. πŸ™‚

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  2. donnamarie says:

    Love this proactive approach! Thanks for connecting and following my blog. Love yours!

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    1. curiohb says:

      Thanks! But this approach is only proactive if it is implemented ! πŸ™‚

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    2. lorigreer says:

      Derailed by life today. Tomorrow is a fresh beginning.

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      1. donnamarie says:

        Agreed. I believe in starting the day fresh, full of possibilities.

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  3. Thank you for the recent visit to my new blog! Thanks for taking the time to drop by! πŸ™‚

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  4. nvsubbaraman says:

    A beautiful write. I enjoyed it. Congrats.

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