The Realisation

It’s been a long time I put my thoughts out here cause I was looking for something that I can write about, to be honest. I waited for days to be struck by something INTERESTING and be able to put it beautifully in terms of literature. But the truth is that I have realized that I can no longer put my energy into writing something too generalized and not be offensive at the same time. Because whatever my views be, they would not be accepted or furthermore appreciated by ears as a whole.

So I decided that – No more preparation, no more literary exaggeration, just pure WORDS.

So my next post would be more personal, more experience valued and more informative.

And it’s my warning to the readers that none of it would be governed by my personal judgments. But what I’ve seen, analyzed, and logically and practically accepted. And would be writing after adequate research.

So, if you appreciate it or have critical views both good or bad, are invited to spread it further.

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