The Curio Theorem

We are trained in this society to reject anything that we do not understand…..

So, don’t feel heroic that you just rejected some philosophical bullshit. You didn’t! Cause this ain’t some philosophy I am writing about, some inspirational kick-ass blog to boost the way you see the world. No!

I am writing about a conclusive idea of what I have learned about surviving between the Homo sapiens like the Homo sapiens.

I am writing about Curio. A multi channeled organization which deals with the very result of our existence as the advanced form, An Idea!

There are 74 million registered people without a job right now forget the invisible. Millions of artistic hands worth golds in the art market are living in oblivion. Traditions and its forms are transforming into rumors. The idea of faith and belief is bearing weapons. Thousands commit suicide every day because they fail to achieve their needs. While the people who could have helped don’t know about their existence. We are incapable of utilizing the psychological studies to create a productive education system.

We deny the fact of evolution. We deny the fact of the molecular and personal uniqueness. We deny every scientific fact in our daily lives but are proud to read them in the Headlines.

We have some major problems. And I know it’s what makes us survive. But ain’t two problems have the same solution.

We need to be creative. We need to be specific. And we need to be everywhere.

There are millions of initiatives and projects and ideas that are helping people in great ways. This cannot be denied! But are we utilizing our 21st-century tools perfectly to make those ideas reach throughout the sphere? We are not. And we definitely can not do that highhandedly. So get some air to your larynx and help me give this project a real life existence. And you the person who is reading this on the other end of the globe, not in the paintings of the caves, dare not think it’s impractical, cause what you are doing right now was back in day impractical.


So let’s get back to our multinational, multi specialty company, Curio.

Let’s get the basic clear.

Who would work there?
People who have high skills in generating ideas, providing means to execute them and creating ways to make those ideas reach the ones who need them. We don’t basically require an education qualification to find a place in that association. But definitely, we do need people who would dare to lose their social stereotypes and ideologies. What is needed is just some real knowledge because great names didn’t bear out of some huge chalk and duster association. I don’t mock the education system, I mock what it wants us to be.

Where would we get Vitamin M from?
Well, business minds with heavy pockets don’t thrive on what they have right now, they survive on their instincts of how huge its future would be. If our ideas are coming with complete packaging and a user manual, I don’t think there would be the better shot in the woods.

Who would benefit from it?
Everyone. The poor potter family, they might meet a millionaire who would transform their lives, pottery turns into a new sensational trend, international pottery schools, world records with pottery, selfies with pottery, national icon pottery, environmental solution pottery, sports with pottery, import export of pottery. You have no idea how many jobs you have created from a single poor family with ancestral art. How many new opportunities you have created. How many suicides you have avoided. How many stereotypes you have broken. No idea? Well, that was a pretty simple idea.
You see, an M.N.C. that creates ideas can be a breakthrough.

People from different backgrounds and occupations and specialties will work under the same roof. Have a decent salary and a new way to live life.
Nobody thought that there will be people working on a social networking site or a web browser. They are now.

So let’s be prepared what our future is about to give us.

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  1. NeerajSK says:

    Hey, first of all, thanks a lot for following me. You are my first follower.

    Secondly, this was indeed a very interesting read. Creating a company that creates creativity. That is some innovative thinking.

    I loved the way you think. I will go through other posts of your blog too.

    Looking forward to some creative communion someday. πŸ™‚

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    1. curiohb says:

      Definitely NeerajSK, I liked your first post , looking forward for more..

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  2. I like your post, except for the part about rejecting neo-Darwinian evolution. I’m not a religious fundamentalist, I’m a burned out pathologist.

    As a scientist, I have to say that most of the ideas in the modern concept of mindless evolution are religious, not scientific. Not that I want to get into an argument about it, but for what it’s worth, not everybody who doubts mindless evolution doubts it for religious reasons. It’s a speculative theory based on retrospective, subjective data collection, unblinded studies, uncontrolled studies, subjective data interpretation that’s generally not reproducible since no one has ever seen a random mutation produce a totally improved phenotype in real time. If you have an open mind, read “Signature in the Cell,” by Steven Meyer, PhD. If not, you can join the thought police of science and justify overlooking his work because he’s a PhD in the history of science, not a pipetting member of the scientifically correct (SC) crowd.

    I know evolution is an emotional subject, but please resist the urge to tell me what an ignorant fool I am. I’ve heard it all before and I won’t argue with anyone about it.

    Love your blog, by the way!

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    1. curiohb says:

      I agree with you completely. And there is no way I can deny your words. I just wanted to put in front the hypocrisy of some of the influencial beings with the example of the most controversial beings. Maybe you wouldn’t have found that around you but around me it exists in full stock, and one can not just ignore it.
      Well I think I must have written it in the wrong way. I still am not skilled enough to put my views with accuracy and precision.
      I think I’ll learn that over time.
      Loved to read your views.
      Helped me a lot. It is rare to find people with pure criticism. πŸ™‚

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      1. I apologize for misunderstanding you. I need to read more carefully. You’re a gifted writer and thinker.

        Thank you for your encouraging words.
        Meyer’s book is world changing. If you haven’t read it yet, you might give it a look. I think you’ll love it. πŸ™‚


        1. curiohb says:

          Thanks for the recommendation….. I was in search for some good book these days….I’ll definitely read it…..thanks again…..and please do not apologize…… πŸ™‚

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  3. HI

    Thank you so much for finding my blog and following me.

    This was a very interesting post

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  4. If you are interested in science as well as art, we should chat. I run a science business incubator, and the folks I work with may not create with pottery, but they use their hands, minds, and imaginations just as much. Pure love for all that are courageous enough to dream! ❀

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    1. curiohb says:

      Well I am glad that you considered my idea. It is quite young right now.
      Yes, I would like to chat. I visited insanitek and I loved the concept.

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    2. curiohb says:

      Well ma’am I had been working for my examinations which are due in June, so I wasn’t able to work on my dreams but since I have got a free week, I have thousands of questions about your team’s glorious work and how I could be of any help. So is there any email or chat joint where I could contact you and we could dream miles away ?πŸ˜ƒ imaginations.


  5. Thought provoking post. Thanks visit my blog.

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  6. Deb says:

    This is a theorem I would put my money behind. Great post. Thanks for the follow.

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    1. curiohb says:

      Well, then ma’am you would be the first I would contact, if I’m able to bring this to reality!!! Thanks for the appreciation..

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  7. OlafN says:

    Interesting post, thank you for the nice contribution. I like it.

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