Yoga revisited


योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचां
मलं शरीरस्य वैद्यकेन
योऽपाकरोत्तमं प्रवरं मुनीनां
पतञ्जलिं प्राञ्जलिरानतोऽस्मि

Yogena Cittasya Padena Vaacaam |
Malam Shariirasya Ca Vaidyakena ||
Yo[a-A]paakaro[a-U]ttamam Pravaram Muniinaam |
Patan.jalim Praan.jalir-Aanato[a-A]smi ||

1: (I bow down to him who purifies the impurities) of the Mind (by removing the Chitta Vrittis) by Yoga, (who purifies the expression of) Speech by Pada (Grammar) …
2:and (who purifies the) impurities of the Body through Vaidya (Medical Science), …
3:He who is an expert in removing (the impurities of the Body, Mind and Speech), to that most excellent of Munis, …
4: … (Who is) Patanjali, I bow down with folded hands.


Days and days after the celebration of International Yoga Day, after the resolutions to lead a healthy life have fainted, I am trying to re-create the idea of what it feels like.

I had been off my writing, as my studies were enough to saturate me. Was back home for a month where I saw my mother, after her tiring routine going for yoga classes in the evening. I joined her for the month. It was an experience of utmost beauty. Sweat dripped after few stretches were equivalent to hours of gym.

The thing which was most astonishing for me was to see a band of middle-aged women coming to the place in the evening after hours and hours of household work.

From waking up in the morning at 5, getting ready, preparing breakfast, seeing off their kids, their husbands, cleaning the entire house, laundry, dishes, bills, lunch, grocery, some even are teachers. After all, this when they get one single hour to rest their backs. They are stretching and breathing through the yoga poses.

Our teacher, the yoga guru Mrs. Mangal herself is an inspiration to the minds who still think yoga is for monks. For her, it is a way of connecting yourself to your inner being and the third power itself. It’s the source of reconnecting to every muscle, every bone, and every neural network.


Our most aged practitioner, Mrs. Kiri at the age of 63 who has given years to the art form is the ideal to all other students. At the age when bones squeak with friction, the muscles have given up and all forms of diseases come into existence. This woman balances herself to the most difficult yoga positions. She is an inspiration to the young, to the tech savvy adults, to the people who are too busy in the worldly possessions that they are forgetting about themselves.

Our latest feat was a continuous performance of 108 Suryanamashkara on the occasion of International Yoga Day. For us, who did 12 Suryanamashkaras daily, this was an achievement beyond belief. Even Mrs. Kiri was a part of this achievement. For the readers it might be silly or easy but to us it is of great value.

It is just not fitness that we seek. Some here are proud to lose 12 kg of body weight, some are proud to say that they no longer get allergic asthmatic attacks. each one has attained a new degree of flexibility. For the students is a new kind of spiritual balance, mindfulness, freedom from 21st-century stress and a form of socialization.

efcfa14ff0743d2e8155a5bba14eada19d9883a2d274e92841c3a46403f59e6aIt is not that Yoga can only exist in a class, the roots of Yoga are embedded in every Indian art form, Indian dance form or Indian methods of carrying out daily household work. The essence of yoga and the ideals of India as a nation are inseparable. It is the ancient science that needs to be revisited.

Here are some glimpses of my Yoga classes:

IMG-20170702-WA0030IMG-20170702-WA0035IMG-20170702-WA0029IMG-20170702-WA0028IMG-20170702-WA0020IMG-20170702-WA0008IMG-20170702-WA0003 - Copy

We are not the most amazing photographers who could capture the beauty of the science. But we are the followers of the most ancient yet most advanced for of science of organic balance. The balance of mind and body.


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