The Inescapable

When the ruins of undesired lands

Are palpated with the charm of morning light

The spasm of the wind dive into sands

The life with eternal suffer swoop with the sight

Now they don’t care, who cares for them

For what they’ve seen are just tyrants

But one who cares can care enough

For a hand can cure all dents

You might live in a land of leisure

Where streets don’t darken without the sun

But that’s no reason for you overlook

That lives still breathe on the run

We have read of wars in relics

And of famines which still number

A dreadful dream for you who are hearing

Is indeed inborn for a number

There lies a truth, that no one

Ignores but does neglect

That deep beneath there is

There is a dream which is not yet set

To take the world, through

A new brand lightless street

Forgetting about poverty, corruption

And of course our silly greed

Bananas on this earth

Don’t come without skins

Because it is our choice

To peel off the sins

It’s hard to get out of the barrel

As it is slippery around the edges

So for people, as they are

Are happy to see you fall back in

I know these are words

Which is hard to imply?

But I can feel you’re feeling

That you are dying to try

Meet me at the border

Where you feel, lay your limit

And then together we cross

Our restrictions as we emit

We’ll emit the light of change

And show them we are different

So we come with the choice

As we aren’t being sent.



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  1. avinamdar says:

    Lovely poem! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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