Losing minds


Wasting breaths in search of the light4ccd0554a84ad0e77233accd64b34480

From the fire that burns inside.
Under the moon during the nights,
We take birth in a dreamy life.
But as the sun captures the moonlight,
We die again when we open our eyes.
52d90fed05defa6036f61dff053135ddWe keep running in this round world.
Forgetting that every race ends where it has begun from.

Getting higher, making targets, breaking records,
In achieving all this the journey is lost.
bc91960951fc904b385f1553270ae251Maybe your tears show your strength,
And your power shows fright.
Maybe the rich have nothing,

As compared to a poor’s smile.
Maybe the silence is the proof
That you have so much to say that u can’t decide.

c27793373f64ce8c22287a9f7f288954Let’s accept this, we are insane people,
Masking around as sane.
We are drowning souls,
Trying to find a piece of land.
Our problems are same but the solutions are not
So don’t lose a war before it is fought.
Pick up your armor, grab your sword.
Fight for your smile don’t let it go.

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