The Insignia Postulate

Who are you?….Sorry! Didn’t mean to offend you…..I….ah…. meant….um….WHAT are YOU???

Being the sole organisms with a self conscience, we treat ourselves with the title of ‘WHO’. But the reality is ‘WHAT’.

Do you have a tail…No?….Stripes?… Green leaves ?……Petals?……You sure….you’re not microscopic ?……..Well according to the ICZN, you are Homo sapien……..Hey wait…its not done yet, you don’t know what you are yet.

“But you just now went through the ICBN and ICZN and you said…..”

Well, those things are scientific, logical and practical, you see. You are more than just that, You are different. You need more description so that you can be distinguished. Aye ?

“Ok! well this is my photograph and this has my general details like my age, my qualifications, my nationality and things and yes my name, it’s El….”

Oh ! my dear darling, what am I supposed to do with this shit. You don’t understand, do you?                                               4ca95fbdb4a089dcedadf0d40c3da9a3

The Fast-forward version:

You have quite dark skin, you should be glad apartheid is no longer practiced (but still worshiped)………. you came from Asia, darling whats 43265 divided by 23342……… are not in a relationship? Strange! What was your qualification again?….……….You graduated from Oxford! Who was your father again?………….You traveled alone? Your parents know that ?………..You seem pissed off. Are you on your periods?…….

Damn, this is huge! I mean what a relief…..nobody is NOTHING!

The gamble here is not that Labels are contradicting the truth….it’s that the WRONG LABELS, the outdated ones, the insensible ones, the over-mature ones are taking over.

Off course we DO need labels, we can’t call 7 billion intelligent creatures YOU! Not that it’s impractical, DUH! is offensive.

I know, I know you feel like you are reading another article written out of frustration by a juvenile mind. But sorry to disappoint you, this article ain’t about a great mind talking about the wrong people, the wrong doings, and the wrong labels. It’s about understanding what a label means.funny-Ellen-DeGeneres-label-people-TV

The label isn’t something you put, it’s something you accept.

Consider this….there is this cute little kid, crawling about the house, finds a new friend, chases it, catches it, squeezes it, sometimes kills it, and if not, meets it again next day, same place. This sequence goes on for days, months, and suddenly, one beautiful day, an adult enters the room and sees him, playing with his friend and screams…..”Ewwww! that’s a lizard….that’s a cockroach……”. Oh! that Eww face, the friends are separated for the lifetime.

There was nothing wrong with the lizard or the cockroach (I know it’s a bit dirty) but, a face of disgust can make you run away from it, the rest of your life. This is is what a label is!

It’s really simple in its form, but complicated in its practicality. It exists everywhere. Your every action is defined by a label. There is nothing wrong with that. But in this society where the recent trend is “BREAK THAT LABEL”, I, fortunately, can expect a response to my words.

So, what I ask from my readers is to share, what they have realized to be a form of a label. And not necessarily the one they consider wrong. You see your Name is an important social label, and your face a biological one. Although you might still be confused about what I ask.16402006b38b46fccb4850981564e607

The thing is that we all are situated on a 510.1 million km sq surface, we all live a completely different life and our only extension to understand each other is to understand their labels. The labels you face, the labels you regret, the labels forced upon you, the labels you accept, the labels you love, the labels you created, the labels you destroyed, the labels that need change, the labels that need the exchange, the labels extinct, the labels resurfaced.

And I must warn you that the initial theory of labels would take you to words such as discrimination, gender, color, caste, religion, language, nationality occupation, stereotype, etcetera.But no problem, a singular label has forms adapted to the person applied so I would look forward to your form of a label.

Some of the most practical labels yet underestimated ones are:

(Warning : labels are subject to individuals, their generalization is FOOLISH)

  • cd775293f4270c9df5971c8f1d5b20beWhen two vehicles collide in an accident, the larger one is at fault. They say that larger vehicle comes with larger ego. Really ?
  • A few days back one of the comments to my writings pointed to my grammatical mistakes. I apologize to the lord of language for my sins were mere human mistakes. and I know grammar came after Shakespeare. So I am truly jealous of him. The right to present our views and receive pure criticism is a fortune only to the great writers. Alas!
  • You read psychology, can you read my mind?
  • A multimillionaire would still get the sympathy if he belongs to the SC, ST or OBC, in India. We sure, we are in the 21st century? Do we still require this label? Aren’t there any laws to revisit outdated labels?
  • What is the need of the word feminism, why can’t we just call normal people treating normal people normally as normal and the rest of assholes?

I would like to continue and I would continue but next time with the same topic I would like to present the views of my readers through my writings. If they do!eb68bed374a4116c6fce8e972ac3b180

So if you like or hate what I wrote, do appreciate my views on your own. Present your own labels. Would love to know the unheard, unknown labels.

And I need a genuine response. If I were in need of likes and love comments, It would have been on Facebook.

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  1. It’s human nature. Label something to get out of one negative connotation to the new word becomes old and not so good and replaced by something newer. Much like patients are now clients in the medical world. Tags will remain, you can avoid using them and move on in your own life. It’s easiest to follow what you believe in rather than try to change the world to believe what you do


  2. The big problem with labels is the way they irritate the back of your neck when a lab inspectors get after you because there’s a reagent bottle that isn’t labeled, dated and initialed.

    When I was 6 years old I chose a nickname for myself that later became a common racial slur. That name has followed me throughout life, despite my efforts to get rid of it.

    Interesting article. Thought provoking. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dilipnaidu says:

    Well written. Labels kill the creativity in a child. So never fall into a ‘label trap’! Cheers 🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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