The basic instincts of  being a human are repeatedly trying to uncover some of the most unrealistic phenomenon on this planet. And surprisingly getting PERSONAL is whats gonna change the game.

I know you don’t have the slightest idea of what I am saying. But…..see! Getting personal is what makes the real you, not the social model you, COME OUT!

Life is going smooth. But certainly, you’re not happy. Well, maybe you’re not able to do what you want.Woohoo! Time for some shit turning up in your life. Make you miserable. Make you think. Make choose. Make you fight. Ooooh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.


You realize that something is wrong only when YOU go wrong. 

A female you know, or maybe you yourself made to feel inferior by a male or this society, you start following #Feminism. You come across some requirement considering the government. Work not done! Chat of the day, #Corruption. The death of a loved one in an accident. #Pain, #Sympathy, #Roads, #Traffic, #StrictLaws, #Drunkards.

A sand storm ruins your lawn. #Environment, #Global Warming, #ClimateChange, #Apocalypse.

Tomorrow is the friend’s wedding. #Life, #Marriage, #Relationship, #BridalFasion.

I might be sounding crazy. I know! Aren’t you? This might be some “philosophy of life” kind of thing. Naaah!

What I am actually trying to put down is that if “getting personal” is the ultimatum in here. Why not start making every important aspect of one’s life PERSONAL.

I know you are thinking either of the two things right now.

Either that, we are surviving only because things are personal in this brutally awesome life. Or that, advertisements and blackmailers have been using this trick for so long, ain’t nothing new of is told.

But then why the hell are we loosing real us. Why is that the most of you is made of what the society, the world has made. Where the hell are you?

Get a personal buddy! ‘Cause that personal need to connect and understand the world made Facebook. That urge for a disease free life changed the way we see sanity today. That rumor about the apocalypse changed our priorities.

Stop doing things ’cause the world WANTS that. Start doing things that you raised your hand for, ’cause the world NEEDS that.

Don’t wanna think about the world? You better start thinking about yourself.

Need for the reality on screen not the drama with the musical. Layers within layers, no one’s judging how things would come out. The appearance of the new idea out of nowhere.

We see too much, feel too much, hear too much, experience too much, says too much and spit out too many ideas just like that. Maybe in the form of a sarcasm, a judgment, a statement, a rough conversation, a suggestion, a mistake or just some swearing in the wave of anger. Thirty seconds after, you are back to your presentation without realizing that you had an amazing idea that if reached the right person might have made a breakthrough. But after that thirty seconds, I am sorry, it’s no longer an idea. It’s mere words.

It’s only an idea long time after when things go personally……but do you even remember it?…….If you do can you do something about it……alone?……with just a single gray matter?……?

An idea starts out alone. But without the right time, right people around… know what happens after thirty seconds!

We need The Curio Theorem, we need you, your ideas. So don’t lose your thirty seconds and send your ideas about anything that can change this world and give me a chance to put it forward to the world. And see if the right person gets it!

Drop it off at the Facebook page of Curio or in the comments column.

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  1. Thanks for the follow. Nice to meet you. 🙂

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    1. curiohb says:

      Nice to meet you too. Your e-journal is beautiful. Rare to find an unabridged version of experiences online. 🙂

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