Regrets – By Moony

The definition of best life varies from person to person, heart to heart but according to me, there can never be the best life. There can only be a better life and my life will become better when I won’t be having any regrets. I don’t care whether I will do good things or bad there is someone else to judge that. I just wanna play my part and I want to play it so satisfactorily that when one day I will leave this stage of life I leave with a proud feeling for doing my best. The audience might not clap for me or I might get a standing ovation but then it will hardly matter.

But sadly my life can never be better. I already have a huge mountain of regrets all over my brain. Every day brings new regrets with it. Regrets of doing something and regrets of not doing some other.
I was on my way to the Railways station. I had to catch a train to go somewhere. I was in a taxi and suddenly I saw a group of people in a circle on the road. I had no idea what was going on. When I reached near to that group of people mu driver slowed down and I saw a man all covered in blood down on the road. He was turning from one side to the other in pain and in vain. Everyone was just watching. I tried to open my car’s door but before I could it open it completely a man from the crowd placed his hand on it and asked me not get in the matter.  He told me that the man was rash driving and a dog came in front of his bike and his bike slipped. There was no helmet. That guy looked at my bags beside me and told me to get my train as it was a police case. My mind was dangling between morality and reality.   “He will die!” were the only words that came out of the mouth. “The police is on their way.” was his reply. And that is it. He asked the driver to move on. I heard a guy saying that people die every day there is nothing new. Another one added that he was not having a helmet. I just looked at the backward going trees.

During my whole journey, I was thinking about this incidence. I had to catch my train. It was important to me but why couldn’t I save that man. I don’t know if he lived or not. But why couldn’t all those human beings who were there or crossed from there including me couldn’t take a step of courage for another human being?
I don’t know who or what was right or wrong. I only know that I have one more regret now. The regret of not saving a life.
It’s not the first time that something like this has happened to me. It’s a tale of every day. I wish I could be everything that I wish I could be but I can never be.


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  1. Based on your account there was nothing you could do but hope there were people in the crowd who could see beyond the idea the man was getting what he deserved because he didn’t have a helmet. That people can be so callous is part of problem of still being subject instincts better suited to an actual jungle.


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