Get Real !

For the first time, reality came in front of the eyes when Social science came as a course subject. We read…….racism is not something new, its been in the pages of history too long. There have been wars, now there is borders and tomorrow there’s going to be tension. Some will have freedom, some will not……maybe some, over time. But then when we will have everything, we will stop searching and we will see and hear ONLY what we get on our electronic screens. The search will be over. And the reality will only come into existence when the life throws it on you.

We have been blinded for too long. Bollywood taught me…..that there is going to be a boy and there is going to be a girl….ALWAYS…..boy turns into a man and saves the girl from whatever. drama is a love story, the action is a love story, comedy is a love story. and yes, there is going to be a hitting superstar in it, who cares about direction, screenplay, plot, acting, soundtrack……..we have a hero…..that’s it. To a limit its good. the good ones never come into cinemas……it is just money that flashes on the screen.

Don’t be so disappointed, once in a year, there is going to be a commercial movie that is going to be good and REALISTIC.

Our daily fuss is about, rapes, feminism, racism, poverty, crime, and controversies. Where the hell do you think they are coming from. They are in your daily meal because that is what you are digging. You have accepted that as your reality.


We are in need to talk about something else. There is the world outside of this.

I asked my friends some time back if they have ever seen Vice episodes or Don’t tell my Mother series or how things look like inside a womb or how there is this awesome Hollywood movie about Deja Vu or Colonia Dignidad or dreams within dreams or the interstellar world, or that Bollywood movie Lunchbox or TED talks or something else that made me THINK. And the reply was…..we don’t see SUCH stuff, it is too boring.

Sorry, but am not judging. But are you sure you are alive on this planet?

We blame the people for being so power, money, fame hungry. But they are not at fault. This is what they learn was important over time. They can’t see the bigger picture of what their actions mean to the world, till you do not show them. 

And show them doesn’t mean Spam their social network with real stuff. Start with the school. Show them what is going around the world. Newspapers and local media are no longer realistic, Facebook is about seeking likes and what comes on Whatsapp doesn’t need words.

We have forgotten how to differentiate between truth and fake. Earlier it was just religion. Now the truth is rare to find. You need super filters.

Its time for us to get real.

Its time for us to stop the brainwash. 

Its time to stop the single sided exhibition. 

We need to develop a brain, that is not good at science, math or politics. But a brain that can take in information and filter it.

We all know that there is no religious book that is against other religion. It is how we are introducing that book to the young folk. What are we telling them and what are we not. We give them a single image and ask them to judge the world. We have put an idea on repeat and then we want the world to change.

It’s not the adult that we need to remodel. But just by putting the raw reality in front of the students, the young minds, in schools, in mines, in factories, at drug streets, at homes, on roads, is going to change everything.

We don’t need to ask them, what they learn from it. We have just given their minds the SOMETHING ELSE to think. The idea of the possibility of something else is practically enough to change the world.

How do you think are the bare feet from the slums going to know the multiple stories of rags to riches. From NCERT books? And then we talk about dying hope.

Why do the men still consider themselves superior to women? Why is “Are you PMSing !” a concept? Why does the society think that childbirth is a responsibility, not a choice? Why am I not supposed to be good at Math? Why do I get dolls in my Kinder-joy, I like wheels? Why does the woman need to change her name after marriage? Why does my mother need to know about “House stuff”?

It is because the advertisements tell me about how the ideal female looks like, the movies tell me how we should act, and the daily newspaper and local news channels tell me how to treat them.

So what are you going to do, ask them to not make such advertisements, movies and change their news? Maybe you can…..mostly you can not. There is a thing called freedom of speech into action sir!

What you need to do is show them the bigger picture, the possibilities, the options, every day, in every assembly, during every lecture. put your filter to work my dear teachers and educators. Once you teach us Alphabets, words and the existence of dictionary….we know what to do with our course books. our life out of the school is governed by parents, society, Bollywood, Facebook, Breaking News, Whatsapp, Youtube, and the trending stuff. And you too know what is trending!!!!50b56657a2b8bc839236adc905e61043

Don’t blame us afterwards that we we went on the wrong track.

Start feeding us with movies, documentaries, short stories, real stories, witty quotes. they don’t need to be amazing award winning stuff. They just need to be REAL. Feed us every day. We are going to ignore the first few days, months, years, I warn you. But the indirect impression they are going to have on us…..Oh ! you have no idea about that.

Then when we chat, Facebook, tweet or daydream, we are going to think. we will get real. we are the generation of “Multitaskers”, we will stop suiciding in the herd of sheep because we will realize what is important, what is going on around the world. Finally, we will have a brain of our own.

Please… is a request.

Make me real……and I will make the world real.

If you do not understand any part of this, comment, criticize, and ask. Be real!




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  1. “For a change to occur, dissent is a necessity.”

    I read somewhere about the goldfish bowl model of cosmos which argued about the goldfish’s version of reality, the way it perceives the world around it. We too should strive to change our perceptions and eliminate the stereotypical views which the society has imposed on us. I appreciate your way of thinking and the effort you put into it.
    That’s a good line of thought you followed there. For me, it was kinda eye opener.



  2. Room no. 201 says:

    Ok. Well I liked the whole article and I do agree with some of your ideas but I don’t believe that anything from outside will be able to change what’s inside. We can’t blame others for who we are. This is just what I think.


  3. jrcrites says:

    Interesting thoughts…reminds me of the Velvateen Rabbit. Becoming real, what is it like and will it hurt?


  4. very well stated and i respect those words and sentiments. very strong. respect and peace


    1. curiohb says:

      Thank you for your appreciation…. Do share it further…. 🙂


  5. leggypeggy says:

    A wonderful photo. My husband walks this way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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