I won the toss !

I was born on this day, not too many years back. A complex chemical reaction, nine torturous but miraculous months for my mother and I came out. Into this world, forced to use my heart, my lungs, my limbs, my senses. Millions had failed to reach the stage I already had. I won the toss to become ME.

And now I stand in a world, years later questioning …….

Why is that chemical reaction more valuable which had a 50% chance of existence against me?

Sorry, I think that question is too heavy for you to take……(chuckles)

Let me rephrase it …….. in my next few posts, I am going to center my attention to gender equality.


I won’t ask you why the society treats me like this?

Why am I so insecure?

Why do I have so many limitations and rules?

I won’t discuss

What are my rights?

Women should have equal education, wages etc.

Women should not be stereotyped……..


These are the places where they have discussed these issues far better than I am capable of. Please do check these out. Even if you do not feel the way I do. I don’t think few more tabs on your browser could ruin your daily 4G data pack.

So, stay tuned…..

P.S. When I was young I was told to plant a tree on every birthday so when I die, I’ll die in a garden. I have decided to plant an idea, so when I die, I’ll die in a different world.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Khushbu says:

    There was a smile on my face reading your words. You have a loud mind; your words speak to me.
    Happy belated birthday, dear friend 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. curiohb says:

      That is one birthday wish I’ll remember forever 😊😊


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