I lost a piece

I lost a piece of me somewhere,
Can’t find it anymore.
The more I look for it,
The more i question my longing.

I try to convince myself
“You don’t need it any more”
Oh! the mess I have created
Looking through the drawer
Other pieces lost and found
In my silly search for it
Once more I must check
Below the glass paperweight,
Under the flower pot,
From within the messy sheet
You are just overthinking
I hear myself repeat
Behind the calender
I checked thrice
Every page of every book
Was flipped twice
In the hope that
That piece appears
While from below the bed, I collect
Shiny chocolate wrappers

Don’t say I am cynical
To search every rag n swatch
A piece once returned to me, through
The cracks of my ol’ wristwatch
While another just disappeared
As fingers brushed through puppy’s hair
And i watched him lick another
Standing afar in dispair

Don’t judge me already
I don’t lose myself so easy
I have given away some pieces
Over late night chats, packed in a valise
But that’s not all, for
I have received your pieces too
One was slipped from under the door
Rubber head of earphones, lying on the floor

You left ur crayons
My fingers can’t hold no more
Your pieces are safe with me
Another part of me, well looked for
I gently lift the ghunghroos
Must not make no sound
I saw you slip through the sides of my vision
And another piece was found
Make your own
‘Coz it fits me no more
I might wanna see it again
A piece I once bore

I am carrying your pieces
And you are carrying mine
Its funny how you try to hurt me
With something ; once mine

I found a piece as i slept
On the pillow you once dreamed on
Woke up to see the pillow, where
A piece of me was stuck on

I think now that I am tired
My search will forever stay
With the end of these words, I
Gave another piece away.

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