What periods feel like?

The title is too obvious…..

But this the summary of what the girls and women feel…..

You might feel different from what I write…..

But then it’s just a summary

And we all are unique….

Menstruation covers nearly half of the life of a human female. Seven days a week, every single month. That is 84 days a year, which is basically three months of each year. Although we can predict the next bloody outbreak. It starts with an insecurity of getting a red spot on your lower wear a week before the predicted date. After going to the washroom to detect the false alarm in every 2 hours for a week. We want the periods to just come finally. And when it is there finally, ruining our underpants with its existence, there is an ironic relief that there will be no more false alarms. Abdomen cramps are the stars of the show. We are feeling that irritating wetness for 24 hours, one entire week. That discomfort to keep the napkin under position. And the flood, every time you stand up after sitting for a long time. Sneezing is a curse. The hormones make sure we are pissed off even at the most hilarious jokes.


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  1. paws2smile says:

    Lol! Great summary! Sooooo true about being paranoid until you finally it, then feeling relieved you don’t need to check every 2 hours! Loved this! 😂

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