No more awkward…

Periods are no more awkward to talk about….

And maybe once the girls are co\nmfortable enough to talk…..

Then one day the boys would start to talk about their problems too…… 🙂

Here’s how……

There is an upcoming movie in India ‘PAD MAN’ based on a person who takes up the challenge to make affordable cotton sanitary pads for women, despite facing opposition from everyone around him.It is a biopic on Arunachalam Muruganatham, an entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu, who invented low-cost sanitary napkins to generate awareness in rural areas.

There is another film ‘PHULLU’ which captures a similar picture. Phullu is a man who is good for nothing so his mother gets him married thinking that he will become mature after marriage. After marriage, he comes to know about menstruation and how the women of his village use cloth etc. The film is about what he does after he understands their inconveniences.

The TEDx talks –

Menstruation consideration – A face-off with the situation

  1. The Menstrual Movement | Nadya Okamoto | TEDxPortland
  2. Men need to talk about menstruation | Pravin Nikam | TEDxDumas
  3. On the need to speak up about period pain | Carine El Boustani | TEDxLAU
  4. A period to period-shaming | Rupal Gupta, Apurva Kothari & Niharika Adwani | TEDxYouth@JPIS
  5. Can a comic book overcome India’s menstruation taboo? | Aditi Gupta & Tuhin Paul | TEDxBangalore
  6. Menstrual Health of India | Sinu Joseph | TEDxMSRIT
  7. Unwrapping the gifts of menstruation | Sinu Joseph | TEDxTughlaqRd
  8. What if periods were free? | Berkley Conner | TEDxBallStateUniversity
  9. The sanitary pad revolution | Muruganandam Arunachalam | TEDxGateway

And there are much more.

So ladies and gentleman, don’t whisper it, shout it out in the streets that we no longer live in the 18th century. This is not a national issue. It is a worldwide issue.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes. Pointing out the elephant in the room is indeed important.


  2. Really glad that people are becoming more aware that periods should be able to be spoken about freely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. curiohb says:

      Yeah! And it’s not just women issues that need to be considered, the stereotypes that the male community is facing and the LGBT community which is still struggling to exist…Loved to hear your views 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Young Misfit says:

        Yes! I hate that everyone just buries all these problems and pretend that they’re not there, they need to be discussed!

        Liked by 1 person

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